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Fox + Hound

Fox + Hound Vest Spray

Fox + Hound Vest Spray

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Fox + Hound Vest Spray contains a quick-release deodorizer to cover smells immediately and uses bio-organisms to naturally digest stains and odors to get rid of odors permanently. It is non-staining and will work while you sleep! 


Many sprays out there only use encapsulants to cover odors. This is only a temporary fix since the stains will continue to emit odors as they decompose; in which, you have to spray the deodorizer again to cover the smell. 


Some odor-odor masking sprays incorporate zinc metal to help deodorize by killing the bacteria on the vest. Zinc poisoning is very toxic to dogs! 


Vest Spray is the most natural and effective way to not only eliminate odors but also remove the source of the odor. 


We even use it on our clothes and shoes when they need a refresher!

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